Trimble Inpho version 14 highlights

  • OrthoVista—a great tool just gets better and better, now with dynamic caching.
  • MATCH-AT—delivering improved tie-point distribution.
  • MATCH-3DX—improvements for true-orthophoto and mesh.

OrthoVista is a great tool that just gets better and better—now with dynamic caching and enhanced tile collection for mosaicking.

Easy and simple system load

OrthoVista dynamically resizes the cache based on the system load. Additionally, it automatically adjusts the workload distribution, taking the hardware and the processing settings into consideration leading to a processing reduction of 25%!

Improved speed with large projects

OrthoVista enhancements result in a reduction of computation time by 80% when dealing with large orthophoto mosaic projects. This improvement is made possible through features like parallel processing for global tilting, automatic organization of parallel child processes, process handling, and enhanced tile collection for mosaicking.

OrthoVista expedites the processing display options to reduce wait times, improves memory handling to lower the computer hardware requirements, and adds filter options to simplify the selection, activation, interaction, and settings for groups to make loading and selecting projects much faster.

Better quality results

MATCH-AT now offers improved tie-point distribution and the option to create a mesh based on a boundary file to create a cleaner and more accurate project result.

Continuous improvement of tie-point generation

MATCH-AT maintains its capabilities as the best tie-point generation tool for photogrammetry in the world through the newly added ability to extract in lower overlap areas with low texture or complex structure.  Together, with the enhancements from previous versions of MATCH-AT that enabled the creation of any type of aerial block through intelligent tie-point generation, MATCH-AT supports any type of photogrammetric project.

The new MATCH-AT v14 has an optimized distribution of tie-points also for lower overlapping projects in low textured areas or complex structures, allowing a more reliable adjustment and block adjustment.

MATCH-3DX includes improvements for true-orthophoto and mesh including simplified mesh texture options and area definition limiters for cleaner and more accurate results.
Better user experience for deliverables creation

MATCH-3DX introduces a new local non-OBJ mesh format, which can be handled better from 3rd party viewing software. The local mesh coordinates from the non-OBJ mesh format results in a coordinate system with its origin at the project centroid. MATCH-3DX also simplifies its mesh texture options to prevent user input errors and runs a texturing for all meshes.

For advanced users it is possible to switch off the texture using the „advanced options“, allowing the user to retain the capability to produce a pure mesh without texture.

Improved performance

MATCH-3DX analyzes the area definition and selects a subset of images from the complete project to improve the pre-processing time. New compressed point cloud storage lowers the disc space requirement and reduces the processing time by up to 20% for true-orthophoto generation and up to 10% for 3D mesh generation.

Explore our Trimble Inpho version 14  Release Notes  to learn more about the additional features available to help users enhance the production process.